At VEZ Realty LLC, our goals are to get the best price obtainable for your home, to sell your property in the shortest time possible and to create the least inconvenience to you. Finding a buyer is only a part of the job. There’s more to completing a sale than just finding a buyer. A realtor will:

  • Determine a competitive price for your home A Realtor will compare your home to those currently for sale, recently sold, and offered but did not sell; will review the Comparative Market Analysis of your property, factors that influence the sale, current local market conditions and buying financing trends.
  • Pre-qualify buyer prospects A Realtor will help estimate the buyer’s affordable price range prior to showing your property; will provide the buyer with an estimate of his/her costs to avoid last minute surprises; and will take the mystery out of finding and financing a home.
  • Know financing There are over 60 different financing methods. A Realtor can answer your questions, find the best available terms tailored to your requirements and get preferential service by lending institutions. Knowing financing can get your property sold.
  • Have 24 hours availability A Realtor is available 24 hours a day to show the home and for Buyers who will call to obtain information anytime. Buyers compare 18 to 30 homes on the average.
  • Follow-up to determine prospects interest A realtor will handle follow-up and keep you informed. A Realtor is eminently qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion.